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Meet Vickie

I am Vickie Feaster Fornville. I am a Black woman who is a proud native resident of Chapel Hill. I am a graduate of Chapel Hill High School, and alumna of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Growing up in Chapel Hill, I know firsthand what it is to be a student in the CHCCS school district. I am the daughter of James and Jackie Feaster. They both graduated from Chapel Hill High. I am a wife to O’Neal Fornville III and I have two daughters, Victoria (CHHS class of 2020) and Vianna (CHHS class of 2027).

I am retired from the NC Department of Public Safety where I served as a Probation Parole Officer in Orange County. In this role I had the opportunity to work with court impacted high schoolers from all four of our high schools. I also was the officer that was assigned to our specialty mental health court, Community Resource Court.

I have been volunteering in the CHCCS district for over 30 years. As a former parent ambassador for McDougle Elementary School, I learned the power of parent peers. I am passionate about showing up for my community and bringing my dedication to the school board. I am committed to elevating the voices of students and families of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. I believe that our community can do so much more together than we can do alone.

For many years, I have served diligently on PTAs and School Improvement Teams where I have used my knowledge to advocate for all children, especially students and parents of color, in spaces where their voices would otherwise not be heard. Whether I'm attending school board meetings, volunteering with the Youth Teen and College Ministry at First Baptist Church or co-advising the NAACP Youth Council, I am constantly trying to pour into others, especially the youth. I take the responsibility of serving my community seriously, and I will continue to show up.

Lifelong Student Advocate, Community Member, Chapel Hill Alumna and Parent

Committed to Advancing Racial Equity

Listen to Vickie speak on parental involvement and engagement as a featured speaker for the Campaign for Racial Equity in Our Schools.

Demonstrated Civic Leadership and Engagement

Vickie has long encouraged young voters to participate in local, state, and national elections as part of Souls to the Polls. Pictured here is Vickie with her newly 18 year old daughter voting in 2020.

Passionate about Student Literacy and Advancement

Vickie even wrote and published a children’s book to encourage kids to enjoy reading. Her book Truck Love tells the story of a little boy who had a dream and he grew up to realize that dreams do come true. This story plants the seed of a dream becoming a goal and a goal being realized.

My Priorities

Hold the board accountable to the Strategic Plan

I would like to see the words in the strategic plan, "Think and Act Differently" to be used as the reason to change some policies such as breakfast and lunch being paid for by families. If no one had to pay for meals at school that would be one less thing that our students and families would have to worry about as they are trying to ensure that their children get the best educational experience possible.

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Prioritize student and teacher wellness

I would like to see the continuation of mental wellness time in our schools. The need is growing for our students, staff and administrators to have more time set aside for mental wellness.

Be a voice for the community

In speaking with people in our community there are a large number of them who feel that their voices aren't heard at the district level or even in their respective school communities. I want to change that. I also want our community to see someone who is running for the board because they show up for our students, staff and families in and out of the schools. I am running because I show up in these spaces. I am not showing up in these spaces because I am running.

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